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Carpet Cleaning Townsville

Need some deep cleaning to remove the dirt and grime from your carpets? Our carpet cleaning services are an affordable way to ensure that your carpets receive some deep cleansing. At Carpet Cleaning Townsville, we don’t use harsh detergents, soaps and other chemicals to do the job. We use powerful machinery and techniques to extract the embedded dirt, that is trapped within your carpet and rugs.

We always ensure to use environmentally friendly products and solutions to always ensure 100% safety for your pets and family. Our services are fast, affordable and efficient to help clean dirt, dust and grime from your carpets. Our equipment is state of the art, and helps get rid of stubborn stains with ease. Our procedures comply with industry standards to ensure only top quality results. 

We can help rid your carpet with those tough stains that ordinary off-the-shelf products cannot do. The problem with using these products, is that they can leave a soapy residue and therefore attracting more oil and dirt to these fibers.

Carpeted areas that attract a lot of foot traffic, will usually have the most need for deep carpet cleaning. It is often that conventional carpet cleaners can only temporarily hide the discolouration of the carpet, where the discolouration can easily reappear after some time. This is due to the fact that regular carpet cleaning services utilise high pressure, hot water which can actually damage the bottom layers of the carpet and affect the pad below. When a lot of foot traffic occurs on these areas, the stains can easily return to the surface from the bottom backing of the carpet.

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Rug Cleaning Townsville

Have dirty/stained rugs? 

Our rug cleaning services can help give your rugs the love that it needs to, to return them back to their former glory. We can help refresh and renew your rugs, so that they look fresh and clean once more.

We use low pressure cleaning techniques and methods to efficiently clean your carpets and rug without damaging the backing of your carpet. We don’t use harsh chemicals that can result in sticky residue either. Your carpets will dry quickly and be ready for more foot traffic within a few hours of being cleaned.

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