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Tile and Grout Cleaning Townsville

Cleaning your tiles and grout can take hours with soap and sponge. At Carpet Cleaning Townsville, we want you to save you from the back-breaking work and help rid your tiles of dirt, stains and grime. Tile grout in particular can be difficult to clean, due to its porous nature, which can be a magnet for dirt and bacteria particles. We use specialised cleaning solutions to treat your tile and grout, to help blast the dirt and dust, resulting in brand new looking tiles.

After we apply our treatment, we use sealants to help ensure that your clean look, is long lasting. Our cleaning experts are professionals in making your tile and grout restored to its former glory, along with our protective sealants to help protect them from dirt and grime. We want to be able to help rejuvenate and renew the shine of your tile and grout, throughout your home.

Our state of the art equipment is able to remove the dirt and grime from your tiles with ease, and can help increase its longevity, and ensure that you’re walking back on your floors in a very short time.

Our tile and grout cleaning process is as follows:

  • Rejuvenation of your tile and grout to ensure your floors are looking and feeling clean and fresh;
  • We eliminate odours, grime, and active germs from within the grout pores; and
  • Revitilisation of the original colour of your tiles and grout back to their original nature.

The industry recommendation to clean your tiles and grout surfaces is once every 12 to 18 months, to ensure that your floors are in a healthy and safe nature. Our sealants will help keep the dirt at bay between each clean.

Our grout sealants are suitable for all types of surfaces, and helps provide long lasting protection for tile surfaces to ensure that oils, dirt, dust and other harmful particles don’t penetrate the pores of the grout. Our tile cleaning Townsville services are highly effective in keeping your tile and grout looking fresh, clean and safe.


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