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Sofas and couches, along with many other kinds of upholstered furniture receive a lot of use each day, particularly with households with large families and pets. From dust, food and drink spills – there are plenty of contaminants that can affect your furniture after a long period of time. What we cannot see, is the bacteria, body oils, bacteria, dead skin cells, and many other contaminants that can only be removed with thorough professional cleaning.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services, Townsville, provide specialised cleaning services for upholstered furniture, and leave your couches and sofas alike, looking brand new, fresh and deoderised. Our cleaning solutions use minimal water, to leave as little as moisture as possible in the cleaning process, in order to not only reduce the drying time, but also for sensitive materials.  We use a very gentle carbonated cleaning process that work feverishly on your upholstered fabrics, which lifts all the contaminant particles to the surface, which are then subsequently extracted. All our cleaning solutions are non-toxic to ensure that your furniture’s fabric will last as long as possible.

Our upholstery cleaning services remove odours, food and drink spills and stains, improve the longevity of your furniture’s surface, and reduce the allergens from the fabrics. After our cleaning process is completed, we apply a protectant to help keep your upholstered fabrics nicely sealed from any new pollutants and dirt. This will help your fabrics stay cleaner for a lot longer until your next clean.

Without the fabric protection, your furniture will be exposed and be absorbent to new spills and stains, and wear away faster from usage. Our protectants provide that invisible barrier against soil, stains, pet hairs, and other contaminants to help keep the material longer lasting and clean. This will enable any spills for example to be cleaned a lot easier before any stains will occur.

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