Carpet Cleaning Harris Crossing, QLD

Carpet Cleaning Harris Crossing

Need some deep cleaning to remove the dirt and grime from your carpets? Our carpet cleaning services are an affordable way to ensure that your carpets receive some deep cleansing. At Carpet Cleaning Townsville, we don’t use harsh detergents, soaps and other chemicals to do the job. We use powerful machinery and techniques to extract the embedded dirt, that is trapped within your carpet and rugs.

We always ensure to use environmentally friendly products and solutions to always ensure 100% safety for your pets and family. Our services are fast, affordable and efficient to help clean dirt, dust and grime from your carpets. Our equipment is state of the art, and helps get rid of stubborn stains with ease. Our procedures comply with industry standards to ensure only top quality results. 

We can help rid your carpet with those tough stains that ordinary off-the-shelf products cannot do. The problem with using these products, is that they can leave a soapy residue and therefore attracting more oil and dirt to these fibers.

Carpeted areas that attract a lot of foot traffic, will usually have the most need for deep carpet cleaning. It is often that conventional carpet cleaners can only temporarily hide the discolouration of the carpet, where the discolouration can easily reappear after some time. This is due to the fact that regular carpet cleaning services utilise high pressure, hot water which can actually damage the bottom layers of the carpet and affect the pad below. When a lot of foot traffic occurs on these areas, the stains can easily return to the surface from the bottom backing of the carpet.

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Rug Cleaning Harris Crossing

Have dirty/stained rugs? 

Our rug cleaning services can help give your rugs the love that it needs to, to return them back to their former glory. We can help refresh and renew your rugs, so that they look fresh and clean once more.

We use low pressure cleaning techniques and methods to efficiently clean your carpets and rug without damaging the backing of your carpet. We don’t use harsh chemicals that can result in sticky residue either. Your carpets will dry quickly and be ready for more foot traffic within a few hours of being cleaned.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Harris Crossing

Hardwood flooring is most commonly known for its durable floor surface with a slip resistant finish. Ensuring that deep cleaning your hardwood floor is essential to remove the accumulation of oils, dirt and other bacterial that gets trapped and adheres to other contaminants in the hardwood floor.

Our hardwood floor Townsville cleaning method utilises emulsification, low pressure cleaning, agitation, and effective capture of the dirt and grime. This method enables us to dislodge and capture the dirt, grime and bacteria altogether.

This type cleaning method is perfectly suited for hardwood floor cleaning. We’re able to enhance the finish and appearance of even the most discoloured hardwood floors.

Some types of hardwood flooring are protected by a sealer or polish. Therefore, the hardwood flooring will require professional cleaning, along with application of a suitable protectant to help resist dust, oils and other contaminants in order to maintain its appearance and finish.

Ensuring that your hardwood floors are cleaned periodically is essential, to maintain its longevity and supple appearance.

Pet Odour and Stain Removal Harris Crossing

There can always be unfortunate accidents when owning a pet. Even when your furry friends are toilet-trained, accidents can still happen inside your home. Our carpet cleaning technicians at Carpet Cleaning Townsville specialise in removing most pet urine spots and nasty odours.

Our priority is to provide a fresh and clean environment for your home. Our pet odour and stain removal treatment feature a pre-treatment that will help dissolve the area before we begin our cleaning. We then utilise our hot water extraction system, to help remove the odour from the area. We also have pet-specific deoderizers to help neutralise the odour of the spot.

Not only is it difficult to remove pet accidents when they happen, but removing them after some time can be very difficult. Without the effective removal of pet urine, it can travel and penetrate into the carpet fibres and contaminate the padding underneath. At pet odour and stain removal Townsville services, are effective in eliminating pet odours. 

Our urine removal treatments have excellent results on carpets with excessive urine damage. Whether it is cat urine removal or dog urine removal, we can help. We make sure the carpet is treated safely and effectively, and ensuring that your carpet is left 100% odour free.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Harris Crossing

Cleaning your tiles and grout can take hours with soap and sponge. At Carpet Cleaning Townsville, we want you to save you from the back-breaking work and help rid your tiles of dirt, stains and grime. Tile grout in particular can be difficult to clean, due to its porous nature, which can be a magnet for dirt and bacteria particles. We use specialised cleaning solutions to treat your tile and grout, to help blast the dirt and dust, resulting in brand new looking tiles.

After we apply our treatment, we use sealants to help ensure that your clean look, is long lasting. Our cleaning experts are professionals in making your tile and grout restored to its former glory, along with our protective sealants to help protect them from dirt and grime. We want to be able to help rejuvenate and renew the shine of your tile and grout, throughout your home.

Our state of the art equipment is able to remove the dirt and grime from your tiles with ease, and can help increase its longevity, and ensure that you’re walking back on your floors in a very short time.

Our tile and grout cleaning process is as follows:

  • Rejuvenation of your tile and grout to ensure your floors are looking and feeling clean and fresh;
  • We eliminate odours, grime, and active germs from within the grout pores; and
  • Revitilisation of the original colour of your tiles and grout back to their original nature.

The industry recommendation to clean your tiles and grout surfaces is once every 12 to 18 months, to ensure that your floors are in a healthy and safe nature. Our sealants will help keep the dirt at bay between each clean.

Our grout sealants are suitable for all types of surfaces, and helps provide long lasting protection for tile surfaces to ensure that oils, dirt, dust and other harmful particles don’t penetrate the pores of the grout. Our tile cleaning Townsville services are highly effective in keeping your tile and grout looking fresh, clean and safe.

Upholstery Cleaning Harris Crossing

Sofas and couches, along with many other kinds of upholstered furniture receive a lot of use each day, particularly with households with large families and pets. From dust, food and drink spills – there are plenty of contaminants that can affect your furniture after a long period of time. What we cannot see, is the bacteria, body oils, bacteria, dead skin cells, and many other contaminants that can only be removed with thorough professional cleaning.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services, Townsville, provide specialised cleaning services for upholstered furniture, and leave your couches and sofas alike, looking brand new, fresh and deoderised. Our cleaning solutions use minimal water, to leave as little as moisture as possible in the cleaning process, in order to not only reduce the drying time, but also for sensitive materials.  We use a very gentle carbonated cleaning process that work feverishly on your upholstered fabrics, which lifts all the contaminant particles to the surface, which are then subsequently extracted. All our cleaning solutions are non-toxic to ensure that your furniture’s fabric will last as long as possible.

Our upholstery cleaning services remove odours, food and drink spills and stains, improve the longevity of your furniture’s surface, and reduce the allergens from the fabrics. After our cleaning process is completed, we apply a protectant to help keep your upholstered fabrics nicely sealed from any new pollutants and dirt. This will help your fabrics stay cleaner for a lot longer until your next clean.

Without the fabric protection, your furniture will be exposed and be absorbent to new spills and stains, and wear away faster from usage. Our protectants provide that invisible barrier against soil, stains, pet hairs, and other contaminants to help keep the material longer lasting and clean. This will enable any spills for example to be cleaned a lot easier before any stains will occur.