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5 Common Mistakes In Carpet Cleaning Everyone Should Avoid

Cleaning your carpet is very essential. Aside from the fact that it keeps your home clean, it can also help you avoid having respiratory problems. But what happens if you have cleaned your carpet but stains and dust keeps on reappearing? Don’t feel bad yet for this happens all the time, especially if you have pets and children running all over the house the whole day.  For homeowners who are always diligent in keeping their carpets clean, this article can help you avoid five common mistakes that usually happen when you’re cleaning your carpet.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet

  • Letting Stains Settle – if you are not fast enough and the longer you wait to remove a stain, the tougher it is to remove. Once a liquid like beverage, pet urine, paint or anything related to that hits your carpet, be sure to immediately remove it. These stains will not come off once they have gotten deep into the bottom or under pads.
  • Not Testing New Solutions – if you have decided to change your usual cleaning solution, always use a test patch to assess the effects of the chemicals on your carpet. There are solutions that react negatively on your carpet, so better test it out on a hidden corner first before immediately using it.
  • Vigorous Scrubbing – scrubbing your carpet vigorously can damage it. Vigorous scrubbing is ineffective and may cause the stains to go deeper on your carpet. It also damages your carpet fibers by twisting it.
  • Over cleaning – over cleaning can lead to your carpet’s life being reduced almost in half. This may cause your carpet’s color to fade quicker, the fibers loosening and shedding, and practically affecting the overall appearance of your carpet.
  • Using Wrong Cleaning Products – using the wrong product to clean your carpet may cause discoloration and permanent damage. Carpets are made from different materials and not all carpets can withstand heavy chemical solutions. When cleaning your carpet, it is safer to use natural-based solutions to avoid damaging them.

What’s The Best Way To Clean Your Carpet?

Although there are a lot of available methods today that can get your carpet looking good and clean, studies show that the best way to clean your carpet is by using Steam Cleaning. It gives thorough and solid results. But always remember to call your professional cleaning carpet company when cleaning your carpet. They are experts in this field and they know what method should be used in cleaning your carpet.

What Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Do That You Cannot

You can save a lot of money when you clean your carpet by yourself. However, not everything can be cleaned off with just the use of your cleaning solutions and vacuum. That is why it is much safer to call a professional carpet cleaning company for help. They can remove the following:

  • fine particles that vacuum cannot
  • heavy metals like lead, arsenic, etc. that are found in dust