carpet cleaning advice

The Best Carpet Cleaning Advice Only For You

Although there is a wide variety of residential flooring available today, carpets are still popular among homeowners. There are a couple of reasons why people prefer carpets more. Aside from the warmth and softness it offers, carpets require less maintenance than other types of flooring. With just frequent vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning, your carpet will be looking good as new all year round. However, despite the many efforts you have exerted when cleaning your carpet, it will always be a victim for spillage, splashes, and many other messy accidents that can occur. This is why you need to keep your eyes on your carpet almost every time to preserve its beauty and life.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

You should always keep in mind that a clean carpet does not only keep the look of your home clean but it can also avoid your family from getting respiratory problems. Carpets can be a home for many allergens and dust mites that can cause allergies. Keeping your carpet clean does not only avoid this kind of stuff, it can also help you in preserving the life of your carpet.

Methods You Can Use To Clean Your Carpet

There are many methods available today that can help you clean your dirty carpet. These methods include the following:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Encapsulation
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Preconditioning
  • Dry Foam
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Cleaning With Absorbent Pad

Although you can do these methods all by yourself and with the help of some carpet cleaning machines and materials, it is much safer to ask for professional help especially if it’s your first time cleaning your carpet.

Things You Should Avoid Doing When Cleaning Your Carpet

Many of us want to save our time and money by not calling professional carpet cleaning companies. Some people also want to do it on their own especially if they have the right cleaning materials available in their homes. To those who plan on cleaning their carpets by themselves, here are several ways you should avoid when cleaning your carpet:

  • Do not let stains settle for too long
  • Always test new solutions
  • Do not scrub too harshly
  • Do not over clean your carpet
  • Make sure to use the right cleaning products

Simple Tips In Preserving The Life Of Your Carpet

Carpets are not just home décor but they also serve their purpose for your house – they give warmth, cushion, and softness. Which is why preserving your carpet’s life is also important for you to enjoy its purpose longer. The following are several tips to keep the life of your carpets:

  • Vacuum every two weeks
  • Don’t rub stains vigorously
  • Use baking soda and white vinegar for stains
  • For greasy stains, use a dishwashing detergent
  • Use freezing time technique

If you are able to follow these simple tips, then your carpet’s life can be prolonged and you can enjoy your carpet longer!